Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

My Speech

Save Our Culture

assalamualaikum wr.wb.

The honorable miss Dini as a english lecture and the honorable ladies and gentlemen

Before I begin to deliver a speech, I would like to invite you all to thanks to Allah the Almighty, Who has given us Mercy and Blessing, so we can meet together in this blessing place. And also let’s deliver sholawat and salam to our prophet Muhammad SAW, Who has brought us from the darkness to the brightness, so we are always in the right path.

ladies and gentlemen
I will explain about the meaning of culture. Do you know the meaning of culture? Culture means life method which grow up on the society area which their by generations to generations.

As we know Indonesia is a big nation has abundant natural resources. and has more than 17 thousand islands. and each island has their own culture, such as music, language, traditional dance, cuisine. Along with the development of time, a passion for preserving culture is fading. Why? because of the advancement of science and technology, the impact of globalization, lack of awareness, there is no love for own nation.

Now that many teenagers are affected by globalization, because teenagers is very dependent by their mobile phones, internet, television. For example, the teenagers when getting out of bed just looking for handphone for look notification from twitter, facebook, Blackberry Messenger, or message from someone special maybe, and it's true right? And now Indonesian teenagers love modern music, which brought by foreign cultures. And they forgot Indonesian traditional music, one by one and step by step. And, Can’t you see that? Foreign culture almost changes all about Indonesian’s life style too, from 3f, Food Fun and Fashion.

Food, many kinds of food outside, a little get rid of the native foods area with modern food like spaghetti, burgers, salads and more. and then fun and fashion. trend nowadays a lot of clothes, and modern places popping up. such as the Mall, Bar, Disco. Places like that much-loved and visited by many teenagers and even parents too visit that place. Also follow the trend of the clothes. is like wore tight clothes, hotpants, semi-finished clothes, and so on. it is very very not worth for our nation that upholds modesty.

So how to solve this problem? Yes that’s right! we must be clever to filter which one the good and bad foreign cultures. But, we also SHOULD NOT forget Indonesian cultures too. Because if it continues to happen, the younger generation of Indonesian nation will disability of culture. so we have to increase our love for our culture. and we have to preserve this culture from extinction. therefore, let us as young generation, we keep it. we preserve our culture. our hallmark. and we introduce our culture to the world. this our nation, Indonesian, a great nation with culturally diverse.

Thats all my speech, I hope my speech will be usefull in our life in this world and the here after. The last I say Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Minggu, 28 Mei 2017

Task About The Speech

Question :

1. What is speech?
2. What is the aspect of the speech and what we must do before delivering the speech?
3. Mention the topic of your speech!

Answer :

1. Speech is the expression of or the abillity to express  thoughts and feelings by articulat sounds and speech is a formal address or discourse delivered to an audience.

2. a. Aspect of the speech is :
       1. Intonation, it is an important thing because it win affect the content of the speech.
       2. The style when you delivering the speech
       3. The content of the speech, first greetings, the topic of the speech and closing.
       4. Fluency when the delivering the speech
       5. Performance
   b. What we must do before the speech :
       1. Extinguised the topic of the speech
       2. Train the style when you delivering the speech
       3. Train the intonation when delivering the speech

3. Topic the speech each person :
    1. Vania Antonius            : Culture
    2. Dina Yati Sinaga          : Education
    3. Uray Amira Naselia     : Human Psychological and Science
    4. Erana Maymuna          : Social
    5. Edi Supriadi                 : Social and Culture

Rabu, 17 Mei 2017

My Activities For a Week

Hello readers today I want to share about my activites for a week...

On Monday, I went to the local library to look for materials related to the basic chemistry lab work.

On Tuesday, I was working on a journal and lab report that had been done last week.

On Wednesday, I practiced basic chemistry on determining levels of aspirin and vitamin c by titrimetric methods. After that I went to follow the technical meeting of the cadre activity, but canceled because no one came.

On Thursday, I consulted with the assistant about the report being made. After that I went to the technical meeting of the cadre, and we will carry out the closing activities of the cadre on this Saturday

On Friday, I was packed with lectures, from morning to evening, and it was very tiring

On Saturday and last week, I attended a cadre activity in Rekadena, Kubu Raya.

Okay that's all my activities for a week. Thanks for reading...

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

My Business In The Future

Hello readers today I want to share about my business in the future.....

Business is something that can increase a person earning's. Business interest is the business that could be someone's hobby and desire. In the future, I would like to have a restaurant business. The reason I chose the restaurant business because business is so fun, living although many competition. In addition I also love with culinary, so business restaurant is the perfect, and the restaurant also sells food staples that people need.

On the terms of design I chose the theme restaurant healthy, because I am a chemist. The design of the restaurant is a restaurant that carried healthy simple with traditional custom. On the options menu is used the style of British people, there are food entrees, food dishes, and desserts. However, the contents in the menu remains in the form of traditional food. 

In the restaurant's healthy will also provide health consultation with regard to the right to choose foods made in consumption, according to the wishes and criteria of the customer and in accordance with the needs of calories. In addition, the restaurant healthy also provide diet consultation programme for customers who want to start a diet for weight loss but the intake of energy and nutritional needs are met.

Okay, that my business in the future... thanks for reading, see you next post.....

Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

Dialog About The Robot

Hello readers, today I want to share my task about the robot. now see my video at the below....

okay, thanks for watching my video. see you next post...

Minggu, 30 April 2017

How to Hide/Unhide folder

Today I want to share you about "How to hide/unhide folder"

1. First click icon windows, click file explorer, click Local Disk (E:)
2. Select your Folder
3. Click View, click Hide selected item, select Apply changes to this folder only, click Ok
4. Now your folder hide
5. Now let's unhide it
6. Click view, Click hidden items
7. Click the folder, click view, click hide selected item, select Apply changes to this folder only, click Ok
8. Now your folder unhide

okay, to learn more. you can see this video.......

thank you for reading my blog, see you..

Jumat, 14 April 2017

Interview an Expert

Hello readers, in this post I will share the results of my interview with an expert “Syair Melayu”

My senior name is Muhammad Irvan Maulana. He is a student university of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Chemistry. He has a good skills in Syair Melayu. So I choose him to interview.

Me         : According to you, what is meant the Syair Melayu ?

Irvan      : Syair Melayu is one type of stalk that art serves to convey a message to other people and very need to be preserved because of Syair Melayu is a distinctive culture of Melayu people. Usually Syair Melayu also convey with the chant which is typical anyway.

Me         : Since when you can Syair Melayu ?

Irvan      : Since the second semester there is in the Chemistry of Mathematichs and Natural Sciences.It was not said to be, because I still learning also.

Me         : Have you ever won a competition of Syair Melayu ? if there is a mention and what level ?

Irvan      : Ever, I won First place in Syair Melayu competition in a Festival of art and Melayu culture in entire West Kalimantan in Singkawang.

Me         : Would you like to show a little Syair Melayu ?

Irvan      : okay of course.

Me         : Lastly, have you intention to be a Poet ?

Irvan      : actually about the poetry is just a hobby and fun. If anyone asked, I participate. Only if for the intention of becoming a poet the hell doesn’t yet exist, even if there is little intention.

Okay that the results of my interview. Thanks for reading. See you next post.....